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The Bloomington Board of Realtors® is a professional trade association representing Realtors® in Monroe, Owen and Greene Counties, Indiana.

Chartered in 1947, BBOR maintains affiliations with the National and Indiana Associations of Realtors®, and the many institutes, societies and councils that offer professional accreditation to its members.

BBOR and its members maintain at the core of their activities the Realtor® Code of Ethics, the first of its kind among professional trade associations.

  • Amanda Richardson, President
  • Lisa Funkhouser, President-Elect
  • Linda Kidwell, First VP
  • Jamie Morris, Secretary / Treasurer
  • Bill Pursell, Director 2020
  • Don Griffin, Director 2020
  • Michelle Stanger, Director 2021
  • Trent Keith, Director 2021
  • Jeff GoldinDirector 2022
  • Mary Jane Hall, Director Ex-Officio
  • Michael Korus, President
  • Kerri Frye, Vice President
  • Heather Groves, Secretary / Treasurer
  • Dave Harstad, Director 2020
  • Rich Figg, Director 2021
  • Blaise Shaw, Director 2022
  • Beth Walden, Director 2023
  • Sally Baird, Director Ex-Officio
  • Amanda Richardson, Director Ex-Officio